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Sanvi Sandalwood Sanctuary is 360 acres of mega-tissue culture sandalwood farmland. It has pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. Its elevation is 3,000 feet (879 m) above sea level. Within this gated community, you can built your own farmhouse while also enjoying the joy of a community life filled with fun, informative activities, and extensive amenities at the resort.

  • A unique concept of Organic Tissue culture Sandalwood Cropping
  • Compound wall for entire 360 acres of projects
  • Multiple verities of fruit plants
  • Maintenance frees Sandalwood cropping until harvesting.
  • 300+ variants of fruit forest spreaded in 2 acres.
  • Grand Entrance Arch
  • Surround compound wall with 24/7 security & surveillance
  • Natural Ponds
  • Valley Fog in winter
  • Drip Irrigation facility
  • Plantation supervision by Agri. Experts
  • Demarcation of individual plots
  • Road access to each plots
  • Electricity provision
  • Common water facility
  • Pollution free, Green Serene & Pristine atmosphere
  • Surrounded by hills

150 (Phase I) Acres of Managed Farmland Layout Plan with World-Class Amenities and Resort Area Marked.

70% of the land will be leased back to us to cultivate Sandalwood plantation. The Sandalwood trees will fetch the return on harvesting in 12 years, in general the sacred sandalwood tree is the most expensive wood priced in the industries which become a revenue-based farmland project.

The remaining 30% land will be for your dream Farm-house & fruits cultivation to plan your weekend spend in your very own Farm-house with the same ambience of staying with nature surrounded.

10 fruit plants given as complimentary in your 30% land, from which 10 Fruits Saplings will be planted as per your choice, which enhances your farm-house with lush greenery and ample space for you to design the Farm-house you desire.

Complimentary Trees for left out space.
1. Mango
2. Chikoo /Sapota
3. Pomegranate
4. Lemon
5. Custard Apple
6. Jack fruit
7. Guava
8. Start fruit
9. Fig fruit
10. Jamoon
11. Avocado