The Organic Sandalwood Farmland

If you’re looking for a managed farmland in Bangalore, look no further! We’re here to help.

Sandalwood Farmland
Managed farmland / plots starts
from 10,000 Sq.ft
Value Appreciation

Farmland has appreciated better than Urban Real estates, Gold and Equities.
Our farmland located in proximity 4.5 km from Denkanikottai, 25 km from NH 44 Hosur, and 17 km from Taal Airport in Hosur, which is one of the hottest industrial investment zones. The managed farmland layout is a 45-minute drive from Electronic City, and much more manufacturing, IT, and automobile industries are nearby, as are tourist places like Hogenakkal Water Falls (57 km), Bettamangalore Forest, BeterayaSwamy Temple, Panchapalli Dam, Bettamugilalam Elephant Forest, Aiyur Reserve Forest, and Cauvery Norty Wild Life Sanctuary.

Weekend Getaway

Sanvi Sandalwood Sanctuary Farmland is the perfect place for a weekend getaway. You can stay away from the city traffic and get your children to come out and play in the splendid outdoors. Let them have fun playing games; get you to do something different. In Sanvi, you can design and construct your own dream farmhouse and enjoy every moment with our exclusive amenities.

A wonderful viewpoint on the hill that gives those who come here a great vantage point to witness the splendor of the adjacent farms and the lands nearby that will inspire awe.

Return on Harvesting

Sandalwood is more expensive than other types of wood. We used a tissue culture sandalwood plantation, which produces maximum yields in 10 to 12 years. Sandalwood is harvested to maximize profit by removing the entire tree rather than sawing it down at the trunk near ground level. This allows the wood from the stump and root, which contains a high concentration of sandalwood oil, to be processed and sold.

Premium Amenities

The resort’s beautiful architecture is absolutely impressive, and the amenities are stunning given the structure’s inherent warmth and charm. A sports arena, a fun-filled gaming area, an elegant design, and a relaxing place are all included in the current building. You may also refresh yourself with recreation there.

While jumping into the pool and letting the stress of life float away, there are other methods to brighten up and relax.

Years Of
About us

We are Sanvi Sandalwood Sanctuary

We are one of the leading property promoters in Hyderabad (Telangana) , Bangalore and Mysore (Karnataka), and Hosur (Tamil Nadu). In today’s world of fast-paced business, placing your future in the hands of the right promoter is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Our top priority is trust, honesty, and looking out for your best interests. With the above mission and being in this field for more than 10 years as property developers, we design all the farmlands and residential layouts, whether they are small or large, with the utmost care and importance to comfort, optimum space utility, and the elegant.

What we do
Project planning & Design

This is a fertile land, considering the rich soil, beautiful scenes, and water supply but it is also Fertile from many different points of view, Farm planning involves creating a sketch, outline, and drawing of the farmhouse and arranging the land for proper use without the risk of soil degradation. Farm planning is a decision-making process that requires organization and ongoing management of finite resources in order to accomplish the set goals. The most profitable course of action among all feasible options must be chosen during farm planning.

Development & Maintenance

We are cultivating sandalwood (Shree Gandha) on your land (1/4, 1/2, one, or two acres) at the Sanvi Farm. The company "SANVI" is responsible for plantation and maintenance, including secured premises, a compound wall for layout, electric fencing for layout, CCTV surveillance, etc., without any maintenance charges or additional price until the final yield of the sandalwood harvest. When the trees are cut down and sold, 50% of the profit will be deducted for maintenance.

Legal & Services

We provide clear documentation for the entire project. We handhold after sale / registration and transfer of documents onto your name. In addition, we can help you with other services like care-takers, Horticulturist, Geologist and building your dream farm-house.

Client Testimonials

What our clients say on Google

A very beautiful property to invest on a superb view from its top and mind refreshing place to stay on.-

Anjan Ghosh

The farmland located in Denkanikottai!!Great! Fulfilling experience at Sanvi Sandalwood Sanctuary-

Chandrasekhar Reddy

Great project, good ambience. It’s great to invest in farm land like this.-

Judy Thomas

The guys' commitment to professionalism and openness impressed me greatly

Satish Subramanya

We went to a Sanvi sandalwood farmland. The idea of sandalwood growing is new, as is the ideal site

Poojitha M
Work Process


Existing TVS factory, Ashok Leyland, Titan, the 2000 acres of GMR SEZ, Hosur Sipcot 2., etc… are in the closest vicinity from Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland

Scientific Farming

The combination of scientific and organic farming practices will improve the condition of the soil and result in increased crop production


Great ROI
  • We help your farmhouse plot to fetch you RETURNS while you enjoy the nature stay at Sanvi Sandalwood Farmland.
  • Monthly Income Returns
  • Capital appreciation on land
  • Long-term Return on Harvesting Sandalwood Plantation


Vacation Resort

Every resident at Sanvi Sandalwood Farms has unrestricted access, at no cost, to the expansive clubhouse that serves as the community center and houses a variety of amenities catering to their health and well-being